Having a sense of home, its comfort and its visual appeal are all very important in nurturing our spirit. Enjoying home is much like describing a great meal. It should be delectable to the eye, even “highly pleasing”. For many of us, it must be comfortable and a true representation of our tastes. When it is less than that, we are less inclined to enjoy it.

I never realized how important the visual impact of communities and areas surrounding my home were until I moved to a condo in an area east of the city. Even though it held the diversity and energy I enjoyed, I often found it noisy and my creativity stifled because I was so removed from silence and nature – trees, birds singing, panoramic views and stars shining in the night sky. I yearned for a peaceful space, for quiet contemplation.

I once wrote, “The life we live is a mirror of our thoughts . . . our home, its reflection.” Our homes are a representation of our tastes and how we present ourselves to the world. It is so important to live in a space that reflects your values and nurtures your spirit.

The interior design is important as well. Even on a modest budget the design of the home can still be expressed and reflected in:

• It’s design and styling
• It’s maintenance and cleanliness
• It’s ability to stabilize and nurture us
• It’s capacity to bring us peace

The initial sensation of entering any room in your home should be one of sheer delight. The design and care of a space enhances the appeal of that space. Each room in the home speaks it’s own sensual relevancy in the form of color, lighting, texture, and rhythm. Each room contributes its own blend of balance and harmony with the other rooms in the home. This flow, when done well, contributes to the scrumptious ambiance and peace of the entire home.

There are 6 key ingredients for a ‘yummy” home:

1. Cleanliness. Dust, dirt and messiness affect the energy of the home and anyone in it.
2. Openness. Keep the weight out. That means keep it free of clutter. Clutter is an oppressive weight that affects health and well-being.
3. Ahness. Let it breathe. Leave spaces between artwork and pictures on walls, between pieces of furniture, between walls and furniture. Keep it free of overworked designs.
4. Vibrancy. Open your home to sunlight, color, rhythm and flow.
5. Coziness. Create cozy spaces that are comforting and nurturing.
6. Peace. When in doubt about your design or your space, ask yourself, “Is this peaceful, restful?”

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