I attended my first Emotional Freedom Technique (“tapping”) class a month ago and made an interesting discovery. This tapping technique is interesting and curiously effective. Although, this was not my initial reaction when I saw it being presented during an episode of Dr. Oz. I only caught the last few minutes of the show but remember dismissing it as “ridiculous”.

About three hours after watching the show, a friend of mine, who is a yoga instructor, called. During the conversation, she happened to mention that she was conducting an EFT or “tapping” class. What? Synchronicity always amazes me. I told her I had just watched the Dr. Oz show and there was this guy instructing Dr. Oz and his audience on “tapping”. My friend started telling me more about the technique, Nick Ortner, the Founder, and how it had helped her overcome some emotional trauma from earlier years. She invited me to her upcoming EFT class. I started doing some research on the subject and as synchronicity would have it, there I was, in my friend’s class intrigued by, and doing, this rather simple technique that has been embraced by some in the medical community. Turns out, it wasn’t ridiculous after all.

So my next lesson, for daily practice, was “don’t judge what you don’t know”.

During the class, I actually experienced a release of “something” that I felt was blocking my creativity and through the instructor’s suggestion and tapping, realized I had lost my enthusiasm. Imagine that, my creativity was tied to my level of enthusiasm. Of course, I knew this intellectually, but somehow the emotional connection had not hardwired itself to my being. I left that session enthusiastic and energized!

EFT or “tapping” as it is called, is an energy psychology meridian therapy useful for addressing emotional blocks, phobias, shame, blame, anger, pain, smoking cessation, food cravings and weight loss. It involves self-tapping on acupuncture or acupressure points while repeating short statements about a particular emotional experience or belief. This pressure apparently activates energy meridians associated with cognitive memory, mitigating or deleting some emotions (considered negative) and replacing them with others (considered positive).

I also experienced a revelation about the conditions of others during that tapping session. The revelation that life is simple . . . really, we just complicate it. I listened to people talk about how complicated their lives were, how attached they were to things and thoughts, how they were trying to manage the chaos and stress in their lives. I began to realize how important it is to simplify what we do and how we do it, and, how we think about it.

Life can be less stress-filled if that is our intent and we move firmly in the direction of that intent.

One woman in the session was confined by her inability to make decisions, overly concerned that she would make the wrong one. But I starting thinking, “decisions are fluid, they are not definitive”. A bad decision could end up being the best decision you ever made. It may feel bad at the time but it could also add value to your life in ways you never imagined. The best decisions are those not made in fear, guilt, shame or anger. Some of the best decisions are made from a position of emotional maturity, compassion and love.

That’s it, I think, throw everything else out and proceed from compassion, love, and a heavy dose of enthusiasm. Keep it simple, surrender and let go. Try “tapping” that.

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