Why do some people experience greater levels of economic success than others? How do you take your economic condition beyond your current state to a whole new level of prosperity? And what impact, if any, does clutter, physical and mental, have on true economic success? I began contemplating these questions as I read the book, The Millionaire Mind by Thomas J. Stanley.

According to his research, millionaires “think of success, not of failure.”  Okay, I thought, I”ve heard that one before.  I also knew that millionaires have fears and worries, much like the rest of us.  The difference is, they “practice believing in themselves and hard work.”  According to Stanley, millionaires offset fears and certain limitations through mental and physical toughness, tenacity and courage.  Some call on their religious faith and those who do, “have a higher propensity to take financial risk than others.”

So what does this have to do with clutter?  

Clutter is a physical manifestation of  accumulated behaviors and the way we think about things. Clutter is ”mind chatter” . . . distractions that lead us away from purposeful activities.  Clutter is evidence that the discipline, focus and tenacity required to be truly successful is lacking. When self help speakers talk about wealth and prosperity, they speak of a prosperous ”state of mind” as well as the condition of prosperity.  Clutter is no different.  It is a deficient state of mind and a deficient condition.

Overcoming the deficiency takes mental and physical toughness, tenacity and discipline. When we commit to conquering  our “clutter” and lack of order, to tackling it fervently and consistently, we take steps toward greater self-awareness, assuredness and focus. These are the qualities that are the backbone to successful living and economic prosperity.

Just because “your stuff” is organized or stored away, doesn’t  mean it’s not clutter. Closets of clothes and shoes that will never be worn – that’s clutter. Neatly stacked magazines from years past that you’ll never read – clutter. Things in your storage unit that have been there for years with little hope of ever being retrieved – more clutter. Mind chatter that occurs silently and relentlessly – nothing but clutter. There is a simplicity to life that’s waiting for those who want it but that life begins with eliminating everything that contributes to cluttered spaces, cluttered minds and unfocused, undisciplined spirits.

Becoming “uncluttered” requires patience, perseverance, discipline and courage. It is a series of journeys, each with it’s own revelation about how you live, how you process information and what you think about your interior space. It is about practice, hard work and a belief in self – all of the qualities exemplified in the millionaires in Stanley’s book. Know that economic success is there, for you . . . beyond the clutter.

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